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Friendship is a term used to signify interactive and sympathetic deportment between people. It’s a strong form of social bond. yeah it’s really true that people with faithful and devoted friends are lucky. There are many forms of friendship, some association have different type of links as kindness, virtue, sympathy, affection, love, mutual understanding etc. Another benefit is that there is no limit how much friends you form, and it’s realty that friends are great blessing of Allah Almighty. Some friends can change your life completely. I have a lot of friends from my childhood till now. I love to make friends from all over the world because every person in this world having certain unique characteristics.

“Yaran nal bharan”

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies”–Aristotle

“Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years”–Richard Bach


You have 2 friends in life one is Allah and the 2ed are those who remind you of Allah.

Good friends are like starts. you don’t always see them, but you know that they are always there.a487be13b261b8999e91ad26dc146dab

( Jvi, Ashu, Saher ranii,Mjoooo, Fara, nrm, kom )


Genocide in Burma


In a country called ” Burma ” is located near China and India, a Muslim nation named ” and Burma or another named ” Myanmar ” is controlled by camp and Muslims there representing about 10 % of the population. Muslims there are subject to extermination and displacement, and this story is not new. This crime began a long time ago in 1784, when it was occupied by a Buddhist king named ” who feared the spread of Islam in the region and then began to persecute Muslims. And the Buddhists have made the most heinous practices against the burning of children, killing and torture and all that happens to them because their only guilt is that they are Muslims no more!!
When Muslims in Burma tried to escape, no Muslim country would be satisfied to receive them, and they had a new option for death, to die at sea or from hunger, fear and intimidation!!
Why am I telling you this painful story.. because we will be judged and we will ask about our tortured Muslim brothers in the land that we haven’t read?
And If anyone asks what I can do for them?!!! and how can I help them..?!!! I’ll say: it’s very simple… these brothers in humanity and in religion no one knows about them… The media is not talking about them and their suffering, the simplest thing that you can offer them is the definition of their cause and the feeling of their suffering and that all the problems you have in your life, I swear to God, that they are not worth anything in front of the people of Burma
The Muslim world and the human world have abandoned them. They look like the the.
Spread their cause and make the world know it and know what happens to them. This is a disgrace in the forehead of all humanity and the Islamic world in particular, pray for them a lot in your prayers and your freedom and every time God will raise this scourge He down him on their cowardly oppressors, and that’s the weakest faith.

The Messenger of Allah said pray God will never :- “like the believers in their twin and propose them and sympathy like body then complain about it fell apart for other member of the body to unwind and fever”
Narrated by Muslim..

The oppressed people of Burma and eat the oppressed Muslims in the world, we count as God and yes agent..